Suite of Vim Plugins

PySuite - a collection of vim scripts written in Python. Note that you need Vim compiled with Python to use these. Some Vim distributions come with Python already included, you can test by running this command: :python print 'hi' . If it prints 'hi' in command line, you have Python, otherwise you'll see an error.

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Vimp3 Music player for vim, featuring regular commands like play, stop, pause, seek, next, previous; multiple playlists per file; track scores and random mode that takes scores into account and an option to set specify pause time between tracks. NOTE: other scripts will work in windows and linux, vimp3 will only work in linux because it needs to use command line mplayer for backend.
Potl An outliner similar to TVO but using a unicode bullet character for section names instead of using '|' for section bodies.
Wtodo Todo list sortable by priority, difficulty, date started, progress and OnHold / off.
Vimject Project management plugin. Load all listed files in a dir / in a project, load single file, grep all files in a dir / project, unload files in project / dir, generate documentation / outline for all python files in project / dir. Multiple projects per project file.
Cal Calendar - add notes for each date, switch between day / month views.
Fin A very basic plugin for tracking expenses / balances - update totals, checking / savings / credit cards / cash. Search python code, skipping comments and docstrings. Duplicate buffer and strip all python docstrings and comments in the Preview window. Fold python docstrings and comments. enter a pattern and run :helpgrep command to find lines with given words in any order. Align python code by '=' or '#', search backwards and ahead for lines similar to current and align.
Detailed docs are included in the tarball.
Download: pysuite-0.3.1.tar.gz

Send feedback / bug reports to: ak == at ==

All plugins are under GPL license.